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From Fr. Morrow's Newsletter, Christmas 2007

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Rosa Mystica

The Rosa Mystica snapped in a small chapel in the depths of Uganda.

The Cathedral at Kampala (right) is very impressive, with a lovely statue of Our Lady outside.

Archbishp Cyprian, Cardinal Walmala & Fr. Morrow Married Couples

I spoke to the whole school, assembled in the open air, as is normal in Uganda. The students were all very attentive. In Uganda I pose as a VIP. The picture  below  shows  three  children  greeting  me Children greeting Fatheras  I  left  to continue my journey

Women's Guild

Archbishop Cyprian of Kampala has now invited me to preach in his diocese in the month of May next year.

I met the Cardinal Wamala, recently retired, who encouraged me to persevere.

I also met the recently appointed Nuncio for Uganda, His Excellency Paul Tschang and told of my hopes for the 40th anniversary of the Encyclical Humanae Vitae

Left Myself, Cardinal Wamala and Archbishop Cyprian Below left married couples whose job is to preach to other couples. Right is members of the women's guild.

Cathedral at Kampala

I had a return visit to St Kizito's Secondary School where I viewed the new dormitory for the women (below).  Another  for  the  men (left) is  still  under

Dormitory for women
Dormitory for men under construction

construction. The original dormitories were much too small and they will now be two new classrooms instead. Many thanks indeed for all the generous donations which you gave.

The kitchen was a tremendous success. It consists of three stoves (blue tiled) which are fuelled by wood, and in which the various differentNew Kitchen dishes can be cooked. The children then line up by the long hatch (right) and collect their meal. At the back of the kitchen is a massive water tank, with a tap right at the bottom, so that water is easily available for the kitchen (see bottom right).

Open hatch where they serve the meals
Open hatch where they serve the meals

Everyone was delighted and grateful to my benefactors for amazing and wonderful generosity. Since they couldn't thank you personally they thanked me instead, and gave me many presents most of which I gave to poor people because I couldn't carry them home.

Gifts of Thanks
Place where I stayed
Water for Kitchens
Day of Recollection

The Cathedral of Our Lady of Fatima Queen of Peace is having a belltower built (right). In the picture is the parish Priest, Bro Mathius Koyondo and three ladies.

Mass on 1st Sunday of Advent

We had a day of recollection at Ngoma and afterwards the nuns served lunch (left). Not practical in England in November, but in Uganda they don't have to worry about the cold.


I said Mass on the first Sunday of Advent at the Agricultural College in Wobulenzi.

Bro. Mapera

Farewell Celebrations

Finally I would like to show you a few of the people who figured conspicuously in my travels.

Right is Mgr. Mathius, the administrator of the diocese of Kasana- Luwerro.

Left is Bro. Mapeera who did the planning and building of the kitchens.

Right my very pro-life interpreter with her family.

And left, a final celebration at the diocesan centre in Kasana-Luwerro, with speeches, dinner, gifts and Carols. In the picture with me is my friend Fr. Gerald Wamala.

Mgr. Mathius

Pro-life interpreter

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