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Feeding the Children at Christmas

Jane who is HIV+ve Last Christmas we collected money to feed the orphan children in Kasana- Luwerro who were HIV+ve, and our good friend Fr. Gerald Wamala sent us these pictures of some of the children we were able to help.
Above: Jane who is HIV positive ready to have her meal.
Below: HIV+ve children being served a meal.

HIV+ children being served a meal on World HIV+ children being served a meal hspace=10 vspace=10
HIV+ children being served a meal on World HIV+ children being served a meal
He also sent us the following message:
Dear all,
warm greetings from Uganda,

I hope all is well with you, we remember you always in our prayers. Thank you very much for the donation you are making for the children and the church we shall have a lot of progress made and the children will get something more to feed on.

Left: HIV+ve mothers being served food

We were also able to assist with the building of a village Church and with the Pro-Life programme in Kasana-Luerro.

The next stage for the Children -
The Fr. Morrow Piggery Project

It is always good to help people, particularly the under priveleged children who through no fault of their own are orphaned and/or are HIV+ve, and we will continue to send money for them until they are able to support themselves, which brings me to the next project.

We have called it the "Father Morrow Piggery Project" and it was suggested by Fr. Gerald as a way that the children can help themselves. Whose letter suggesting it is on the right.
The initial cost of this project will be ú3,700
Fr. Gerald Wamala & the Children

Fr. Gerald Wamala with the children.
I praise God, and thank you very much for the work you and the benefactors of Fr. James Morrow are continuing to carry out, the noble work he used to do in Uganda and for keeping his candle burning, I will need to pass on this important idea to you such that we can put it in place.
I have found it important to start a Piggery project among us such that we can help theseáchildren suffering from HIV sustain their livesábasing on buying them their basic needs and giving them good education.
The Piggery project will just help us to widden our income inásuch a way thatáthese children can alsoáphysically be engaged in the farming activities that will be helping them achieve their best.

I want this project to start with
10 pigs
10 Sacks of food
A small piece of plot where they will be reared
and other items necessary to the keeping of pigs

Iápray that ámy project plan is put under your kindest considerations.thinking of you and praying for you,

HIV+ children being served a meal on World HIV+ children being served a meal

Fr. Gerald and the children in their classroom
HIV+ children being served a meal on World HIV+ children being served a meal

Breakfast for the Children

For the donations that you give, Fr. Gerald and the children are very grateful and they in their turn will pray every day for you - their benefactors. Once again Fr. Gerald says:

Warm greetings from Uganda,
I and the childrenáhave remembered to pray for you every day.
With the funds you sent last time we continued to feed the children (Orphans and some who are also HIV+ve. We have continued to give meals like lunch and breakfast and they have been tremendous change in their lives.
They have been happy and tried hard to learn in class. Above are some photos. Greetings to all our collaborators and donors who help us do this work. Next suday I will again speak to over 1000 young people on pro Life issues.
May Fr.James Morrow continue to inspire us.
This month of November, I celebrated 10 masses for the repose of the soul of Fr.James Morrow.
Wishing you God's choicest blessings,
love and prayers,
Fr. Gerald.

To donate to the Piggery please go to: donate   : And mark your donation "Fr. Morrow's Piggery". I promise that every penny we receive from you for this will go to the orphans in Uganda.