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Index of Newsletters for Humanae Vitae Projects


Easter Newsletter

Our Lady of Guadalupe
Fr. Morrow

Humanae Vitae Projects
44 Gifford Terrace Road,
Plymouth, Devon,
PL3 4JE.

Easter 2011
Dear friends of Fr. Morrow,

It is now more than six months since our beloved friend and mentor Canon (Father) James Morrow passed on to his eternal reward, but during this time we have not been totally idle. The response to my last letter was overwhelming. Many of you wrote saying you did not want his work to stop, and to that end we have formed a committee of some of his friends and family, with a view to continuing to raise money and help his pro-life projects at home and abroad.

Humanae Vitae Projects:

We have started a bank account called "Humanae Vitae Projects" to enable us to raise money for the various projects Father was undertaking at the time of his death, and I have written to his colleagues in Africa asking for detailed information about the progress of these projects. In due course we hope to have two accounts, one for work at home and one for "overseas projects".

Website: Preaching to the schools

This website has been set up to enable people to see the progress of these projects online, and to donate, if they wish, by PayPal or by electronic bank transfer. It is not finished at the moment but all the site links are up and working and we will continue to work on it until it is finished. I hope you will all especially enjoy the photos (with Father's own comments) on the Uganda page, which capture Father as we remember him.

Father's Books:

The website will contain a blog, a short biography of Fr. Morrow, various links and contact details, and eventually, all Fr. Morrow's publications, which will be in downloadable (PDF) format, and also available to read online if the documents are of manageable proportions. Some copies of the larger books, for instance "Preaching Life" and the "Rosary Meditations", are still available in hard copy and can be sent to anyone who asks for them. A donation for this would be appreciated.

Newsletters by email:

In order to reduce the administration costs involved in continuing Father's work, I would like to send newsletters and reports by email, as much as possible, and would ask you, if you do have an email address, to send it to me - Liz Toolan - via the contact page so that I can include you on the electronic mailing list. Emails are free and I can more easily keep people up to date in this manner. For those who wish to continue using the postal services I am happy to do so, but I will not be able to send more than 3 newsletters per year as the present cost of a mailing runs at about £400 just for postage.


Many of you will have relied very much, as I did, on Father saying Masses and praying for your various intentions. There is no way I can duplicate the Masses but I will be happy to pass on any prayer requests to others on the mailing list, and all those who visit the website. I will be adding a page on the website, probably in the blog to which you can add prayer requests, or if you send them to me I will add them.

Baby Joseph:

Priests for life have been instrumental in saving the life of Baby Joseph, a baby on a ventilator in Canada, who's doctors decided it would be too expensive to let him continue to live. Fr. Frank Pavone went to Canada on a rescue mission and managed to take baby Joseph back to America where he will be cared for in SSM Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center in St. Louis. See the Priests for Life website.

Other News:

We are very encouraged by how many new people have committed to prayer and fasting, and prayerful presence at London abortion mills, through the "40 days for Life" initiative. Over 500 have been involved and over a dozen confirmed saves since the beginning of Lent. The first 40 days which took place in the UK started on the eve of Father's funeral, but just before his final stroke he shared that he was aware that it was about to begin and that he was very excited about it. Its initial success came just after Father left us and we experienced Pope Benedict XVI's pilgrimage to this country, but it is good to see the initiative taken up again this Lent and being continued into the future, as well as spreading to other parts of the UK. Unable to get to London, young students who went to the SPUC youth conference decided to pray outside the BPAS clinic in Torquay, and there was also a 40 days in Cheltenham.

It is also encouraging to hear about the work that the leader of 40 days, Robert Colquhoun, and others are doing in the way of Chastity Education as part of the Challenge Team UK, see Robert's website.

Forthcoming Events:

The annual pilgrimage of the National Association of Catholic Families to Walsingham will be held on the Bank holiday weekend of 28th - 29th May. This is a good opportunity for families who wish to be faithful to papal teaching on marriage to support one another, make pilgrimage together and start on preparation for the forthcoming anniversary of the beautiful Papal adhortation, "Familiaris Consortio", together. It is important for the families who wish to come with their guests and tents to first become members of NACF. The field adjacent to the Slipper Chapel will be available to them from Friday night and will need to be cleared by Monday morning. Grandparents are also very welcome. It is very encouraging to see all these families with lots of children.Theology of the body

In June, London will be hosting the third International Symposium on John Paul II's Theology of the Body, "A Timeless Catechesis on Life and Love" (3rd-5th June, 2011 St Mary's University College, Twickenham) I would encourage as many of you as possible to attend this event.

Also in June, the Maryvale Institute, Old Oscott Hill, Birmingham will host a lecture by Bishop Jean Laffitte, Secretary of the Pontifical Council for the Family entitled Love at the heart of the mystery of Marriage & Family, 18 June 2011 - 10:30am - 4pm. Conference fee: £20 including lunch and refreshments. To book your place at the conference call: 0121 360 8118 or email.

Later in the year, on 31st August - 4th September 2011, Rome will host Matercare's 8th International Conference entitled: "The Dignity Of Mothers And Obstetricians - Who On Earth Cares!" Matercare International is also currently working in Haiti and in Kenya. More information on

Humanae Vitae, Fertility and Ethics

We are very pleased to note that NaProTechnology has started to register notable successes in Europe, especially in Ireland and Poland, as evidenced by all the cases and photos of children born to couples previously believed infertile presented at a recent conference in Dublin (proceedings available online through the International Institute of Restorative Reproductive Medicine). NPT, and its supporting Creighton Model FertilityCare System, have also begun in the UK and deserve every support.
NaProTechnology or Natural Procreative Technology is an innovative medical science that works cooperatively with the body's natural procreative cycles, enhancing the chances of procreation naturally and healthily.

It seeks out the cause of infertility in patients and looks to restore their bodies to a healthy state where natural conception can take place. Artificial fertility treatments ignore the causes of infertility and bypass the problem rather than looking to treat the underlying cause; they also cause the death of thousands of embryo human beings and seriously distort what belongs to the God given beauty of the marriage act.

It may be hard to be faithful to Humanae Vitae in academic work, but a selection of good papers is about to be published in a book entitled: Fertility, Infertility & Gender: Issues in Reproductive and Sexual Ethics, ed. Helen Watt. Contributors will include Bishop Fisher, Anthony McCarthy, Kevin Flannery, Mary Geach and Kevin O'Reilly. More details will be posted in the Publications section of the Anscombe Centre (formerly Linacre Center) website

Book - McCrystalHLI (Ireland) has recently published a book by its former director. Patrick McCrystal was a working pharmacist - until he decided to stop dispensing the contraceptive pill. His book is called Who's At The Centre Of Your Marriage ... The Pill or Jesus Christ? It is available from Human Life International, Guadalupe Centre, Main Street, Knock, Co. Mayo, Republic of Ireland.

Another good book, on the matter of Sex Education this time, is "You're Teaching My Child What?" by Miriam Grossmann ( This is an American book but it also applies to children in this country.
The Christian Institute has recently published a report on UK sex education. See Too much too young. This Anglican Christian Institute is beginning to oppose the cerrent trends in sex education, and we look forward to the Catholic Bishops following suit.

If you have any other pro-life news that you think Father's friends would be interested in, please write and share it with us. There will also shortly be a facility to do this on the website blog.

God bless you all,

Liz Toolan


From Elizabeth Toolan

Our Lady of Guadalupe October, 2010

Dearly beloved friends in Christ Jesus,

Our great loss. The death of Canon James Morrow.

Although this will not come as news to many of you, it is my sad duty to write to you with the news of the death of Canon James Morrow, on Saturday 18th September. Fr Morrow was taken into hospital on Sunday 5th September in the early hours of the morning having suffered a stroke. He recovered somewhat over the next few days, but then on the following Friday he got a chest infection, and had another stroke as a result. He once again rallied, and when we saw him on Sunday and for the next two days he seemed to improve somewhat, but on Wednesday 15th he once again relapsed and his brother was told that he had pneumonia, and that there was little or no hope. Nonetheless we insisted that he be given fluids, which to their credit the Hospital had no problem with, right up to the end. He received all the Sacraments of the Church that he could receive, and passed on to his eternal reward in the early hours of Saturday morning 18th September. May God grant him Eternal Rest.

Fr. Morrow's funeral took place in St. Mirin's Cathedral, Paisley, on Thursday, 23rd September 2010, the feast of St Padre Pio. It was a funeral fitting for such a man, with 4 Bishops (including the Archbishop of Glasgow) and around 40 priests concelebrating the Mass and at least 400 in the congregation. I am enclosing Bishop Tartaglia's eulogy with this letter. The Archbishop of Glasgow, Mario Conti, also gave a talk praising his courage and dedication to the pro-life cause despite opposition from all quarters. Tributes to Father have been pouring in from around the world.

Standing Orders and donations

For the time being I would ask you to cancel all standing orders and regular donations to Father's various accounts. We who have worked with Father for many years recognise that many of you, Father's loyal and true supporters, will wish to see his work continue. We are therefore hoping shortly to set up a Fr Morrow Pro-Life Fund, to continue funding the type of projects and initiatives that Father was supporting with your help.

I will continue to write to you on pro-life matters unless you inform me that you do not wish me to do so.

God bless you all,

Liz Toolan


Bishop TartagliaEulogy delivered by Rt Reverend Philip Tartaglia, Bishop of Paisley,
at the Funeral Mass for Very Rev. James Canon Morrow

  1. There were at least two great causes which characterised the priestly life of Father James Morrow, which I must acknowledge today at his Funeral Mass and for which we must thank God.

  2. But before I do that, I want to acknowledge the simplicity and innocence of heart which characterised Father James. An anecdote will serve to illustrate what I mean. During his last few years, in the course of his pro-life work, Fr. James had established contact with a diocese in Uganda where he was helping to set up pro-life education. This initiative was much appreciated by the people and by the local clergy and bishop. He was so happy doing this because he felt that these people were very open to the pro-life message, and he would gladly have ended his life there.

  3. Before one of his trips to Uganda, he came to discuss it with me. He was not in best of health and I enquired about what health provision there would be for him in Uganda, and what we should do for him if he fell ill, or, God forbid, died. Typically this was not a huge concern for him and he seemed surprised but pleased that I should take an interest in his personal welfare. What was important was the work he believed God had given him to do. He said if he died there, I should not go to any trouble to recover his body. He believed in the resurrection of the dead, he had put his faith in Jesus as the resurrection and the life, and that was all that mattered. He was completely at one with the faith of the Church articulated in today's Gospel by Martha, "Yes, Lord, I believe that you are the Christ, the Son of God, the one who was to come into this world." And professing that same faith today, we pray for the repose of the soul of Father James Morrow and commend him to God's compassion and love. When he came back from Uganda, I saw him again and gently suggested that that was enough of trying to save the whole world. He obediently and happily accepted my guidance.

  4. The first of the two causes which characterised Fr James priestly ministry was his nineteen year service to priestly formation at St Vincent's College, Langbank, and at St Mary's College, Blairs. During that time, he had the dubious privilege of teaching me at Langbank. I was in his Maths class. Since Maths was not my strongest subject, I guess I did not make so great an impression on him at that time! However, along with countless young junior seminarians in these years, I can testify to Father James' total integrity as a priest and as a man, which was as innocent as it was unfeigned; his boundless enthusiasm for all aspects of seminary formation, whether in the classroom teaching Latin or Maths or Religious Education, or whether in other pursuits such as chess, publishing magazines, or joining in with sports; and his determination to help these young seminarians aspire to the best standards of Catholic living and spirituality. On behalf of the Catholic Church in Scotland, I thank God for Father James' contribution to priestly formation and join many of his past pupils in acknowledging his uprightness and his many gifts and talents which were for him always his means of pleasing God and of doing his work.

  5. I have already alluded to the second cause in Father James' priestly life, and that is his commitment to the pro-life cause, which could be said to have been his life's passion. It is difficult to exaggerate the importance of the pro-life's cause to Father James. To say he was totally single-minded about it hardly does his commitment justice. He was consumed by this work. His passion for it won him many friends and admirers but may also have disconcerted others who kept their distance from him. His passion for the moral rightness of the cause even caused him to be arrested and to see the inside of a prison cell door. The words of the first reading today could be applied to James: "God has put them to the test and proved them worthy to be with him; he has tested them like gold in a furnace, and accepted them as a holocaust." There is no doubt that Father James gave total witness and obedience to the conviction of the Church that unborn human life is sacred from the moment of conception and cannot be suppressed by the will of others, and that any law which permits abortion is an offence against God and against the human rights of the unborn.
  6. Bishop Tartaglia
  7. I feel sure that, when other things like personal eccentricities or petty foibles have been forgotten, what will stand out will be the fact that Father James was a priest who had an unswerving commitment to the pro-life cause, and we can be proud to say that this doughty campaigner for the protection of unborn human life was a priest of the Diocese of Paisley. It was in recognition of his service to the pro-life cause that I was happy to name Father Morrow an Honorary Canon of the Diocese of Paisley. And the presence at his Funeral Mass of four bishops, numerous priests and a substantial gathering of the faithful surely indicates that his witness is worthy of respect and admiration, and gives voice to an authentic and central part of the Church's moral and social message.

  8. A measure of Father James' single-mindedness for the pro-life cause was his personal conviction that not just were all aborted babies in heaven (rather than in a state of limbo) but that the Pope should actually canonise them. I suggested to him that this may not be a viable proposition, but, undaunted, he sent his treatise on the subject to the Vatican, where I am sure it was received with interest. In my own heart, I am sure - and I suspect you agree - that babies whose lives were prematurely terminated in the womb are indeed in the loving embrace of the Father. They are the Holy Innocents of the technological age. I pray that this countless host of little angels will welcome into heaven a man who dedicated his life to their defence, Father James Morrow. May he rest in peace!

St. Mirin's Cathedral, Paisley, 23rd September 2010