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In February 2005 Fr. Morrow had a communication from Bishop Cyprian K. Lwanga, then Bishop of Kasana-Luweero Diocese in Uganda, asking for help in combatting the culture of death in Uganda, and in particular in his diocese. Father's response to Bishop Cyprian resulted in a pro-life committee being set up, and help given in many other ways to the diocese, thanks to the generosity of the benefactors of Humanae Vitae House, and Fr. Morrow.

Despite his illness in the spring of 2005, which necessitated giving up Humanae Vitae House, and his removal to Nazareth House in Aberdeen, Father managed to raise nearly 6,000 in 2005, thanks to your great generosity. This was sent to Bishop Cyprian to enable him to set up the pro-life committee.

He went out to Uganda in Summer 2006 and again in November 2007. The following are a selection of the pictures he bought home with him from the first trip. To see the pictures in more detail click on them.

01. Bishop Cyprian
Bishop Cyprian
My host Bishop Cyprian Lwanga, now Archbishop of Kampala.
02. Diocese HQ
Diocese HQ
H.Q. of the diocese of
03. Admin
The diocessan Administration offices
04. Cathedral
Interior of the Cathedral of
05. The Choir
The Choir
A choir practice before Mass.
06. Doing a mailing
Doing a mailing
Fr. Vincent, bishop's secretary, and to me a daily help. Here doing my newsletter.
07. Day of recollection in the bush
Day of recollection
Me addressing clergy and nuns.
08. A new Convent
A new Convent
Bishop Cyprian blesses a new convent
09. A School Talk
A School Talk
Addressing senior students.
10. Preaching
And another senior school.
11. My translator
My translator
Members of the wonderful pro-life committee.
12. Presents
Donations after Mass. No collection - just dinner
13. Foyer de charite
Foyer de charite
Two Foyers de Charite in Uganda. One in Kampala, the other in Murro.
14. Fr Alloisious
Fr Alloisious
With Fr Aloysius Mugisa, now in charge of the Murro Foyer de Charite, and who visited HVH, Braemar.
15.Uganda Martrys Shirine, Namugongo.
Uganda Martrys Shirine, Namugongo.
The shrine of the martyrs of Uganda (accommodation 1000).
16. Bazaar
Village market or Bazaar
17. Church
A Nice village church
18. A Typical House
A Typical House
Waiting for the bishop.
19. St Josephs
St Josephs
St Josephs. One of more than 100 primary schools in this one diocese
20. Village School
Village School
A primary school class.
21. Teachers
Head teacher and some of staff of St. Kizito.
22. Getting Water
Getting Water
Collecting water for the school
23. Fr Gerald
Fr Gerald
With Fr. Gerald of the parish.
24. Cows to Water
Cows to Water
Thirsty cows on an unfinished road.
And since a trip to Africa wouldn't be complete without a safari, I took a day off to look around.
25. Lion
My lion, as it was my camera and I paid the guide.
26. Deer by Nile
Deer by Nile
A fraction of the river Nile with deer
27. Elephants
Elephants in the bush.
28. Giraffes
More bush, this time giraffes

Father's November 2007trip

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